Understanding Psychological Impotence

Many men out there are diagnosed with psychological impotence, but they have no idea what it is and how it can impact their sex life. Many life issues can impact your desire to have sex or be affectionate towards your spouse or significant other. If your erectile dysfunction is not caused by a medical condition, then its root cause may be something psychological (also known as "it's in your head"). If your issue is based on something psychological then it may not be easily dealt with unless you can figure out the main problem and how to resolve it.

Psychological Impotence and the Common Culprits

Did you know that psychological impotence often results from feeling guilty, sad, angry, or even depressed? Sometimes the main issue is that you might be distracted by the things consuming your brain and not be able to focus your full attention on your partner and the sexual experience.

Oftentimes men will overestimate the magnitude of the problem when they are simply having performance anxiety as a result of a negative experience or due to a lack of overall experience. Then there are the life circumstances that any man can find themselves facing. Everyday stressors and more serious issues like financial problems, marital issues or problems at work can negatively affect your ability to perform sexually. No matter what the issue, it is important to realize that there are many potential causes of erectile dysfunction and having problems achieving an erection does not mean there is something wrong with your body or that you should give up hope.

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