Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) is known for its aphrodisiac qualities. According to research, the injection of this element increases blood pressure in the penis, which has a positive effect on the ability to obtain an erection. Horny Goat Weed has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction, lack of passion and fatigue. Find out more about Horny Goat Weed.

Bombyx Mori L Extract from the male silk moth, contains various nutrients, minerals and amino acids that are beneficial to your overall health. Bombyx Mori L Extract has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese as a method for increasing sexual desire and stamina. The extract is also capable of increasing blood flow to smooth muscles to improve arterial dilation, increasing the blood flow to the penis to improve erections. Read more about Bombyx Mori L Extract.

Korean Ginseng has been found to be effective at increasing performance and libido in multiple studies. Unlike other chemicals, the Ginseng doesn’t create hormonal changes. Instead, it directly affects the gonadal tissues and central nervous system to create its impact. Because it is a natural ingredient, it is perfectly safe. Read more about Korean Ginseng.

Wild Yam Extract has long been used to improve sexual function, including the treatment of impotence and infertility. It also provides the benefit of free radical removal due to the presence of antioxidants. View our post on Wild Yam Extract in the Erectile Forum.

White Willow Extract improves your overall health, as well as enhances libido and overall energy for a better experience. See our article post on White Willow Extract.

Cnidium increases the levels of nitric oxide and promotes better circulation. See our article on Cnidium.

Jujube Extract has long been used by the Chinese to treat anxiety. What this means for your sexual experience is greater relaxation, which leads to higher levels of enjoyment due to reduced stress levels. See our reference on Jujube Extract.

Cayenne Extract is known for its heart healthy properties, as well as its ability to increase circulation. With all the vitamins and nutrients contained within this extract, you will feel better and thus perform better. Visit our page on Cayenne Extract for additional details.

Vinpocetine increases the width of blood vessels, thus improving the flow of blood throughout the body, including the sex organs.

Catuaba Bark ,found in the Amazon, is a stimulant and can serve as an aphrodisiac. In addition to helping improve sex drive, it can also be used to improve memory and calm nervousness.

Maca Root has been widely tested and shown to increase sex drive and decrease erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto Berry improves sex function by altering the hormones in the human body. Visit our post Saw Palmetto Berry on for more information.