What are the ingredients in Zenerect?

Zenerect is an amazing blend of 12 natural ingredients! Please click here to learn about our ingredients.

What is the recommended dosage for Zenerect?

We recommend taking 1 capsule with a glass of water.

How many pills are in each box?

Each box contains 16 pills. Each box will last the average user at least one month.

Why do you recommend Zenerect over prescription drugs for male sexual enhancement?

The most important issue is that it is 100% safe and still effective! It is also much cheaper! Finally, it does not act to only increase blood flow to the penis, as it increases your natural sex drive.

Are there any side effects?

A strong majority of users will have absolutely no side effects. A small percentage of users will experience mild head flushing due to the strong blood circulation triggered by Zenerect's active ingredients. However, this symptom should disappear after a couple of uses of the supplement. See our article on Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options for more information on side effects.

Is Zenerect safe to use with alcohol?

Yes- Zenerect is completely safe to use with alcohol. This doesn't mean that we recommend or condone the use of alcohol

I only suffer erectile problems on rare occasion. Will Zenerct help me?

Definitely! Whatever the cause of your intermittent ED issues, having Zenerect is the perfect supplement to avoid your rare embarrassing moments.

Can women take it?

Zenerect is safe for both sexes and will increase the bloodflow to the genital areas but the supplement was formulated to have its active ingredients target the male response.

How do you ship it?

Orders are shipped using small cardboard mailers with a return address of BAS (Big Apple Supplements).

When are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Orders made prior to 3pm Mountain Time on these days will ship that day. Orders placed after 3pm Mountain Time on Friday and throughout the weekend will be shipped on Monday.

How safe is ordering online?

As safe as it gets! We use 256-bit encryption to protect all of your sensitive data. We do not store any credit card information.