Male Sexual Enhancement for Life

Male Sexual Enhancement for Life

Tips and techniques for a better sex life: A guide for men of all ages.

Life can be a series of contrasts.  Young men have raging hormones but no sexual control.  Older men have control and desire, but lack the spark that ignites the fire.  Young men are embarrassed by premature release and aging men by their desire to perform and look like they did at twenty years of age.  Understanding what you can do for male sexual enhancement throughout the different stages of life is one of key ingredients for creating a better sex life.

Why is Male Sexual Enhancement Important?

Why?  Because men think about sex most of the time or, conservatively speaking, at least 30% of the time regardless of age.  And if a man doesn’t  tame the beast, it can control his moods and actions in ways he may regret.  History is full of examples of successful people, from recent names like Bill Clinton to Elliot Spitzer, whose careers were sidetracked by their sexual drives.  For the not so famous, the rest of us, it leads us to do strange things online, like posting in craigslist’s personal ads or other dating or sex related websites in search of something that seems close but eludes us.

Taming the sex beast involves channeling a man’s sexual energy in a positive way that enhances his male sexuality for him and his partner(s).   Most couples have average to low quality sex lives, not because they don’t want sex, but rather for reasons outside of sex, like money issues, personality conflicts, his and her related issues, or health problems like erectile dysfunction.   Sometimes the lack of sex can lead to these issues or it can amplify relationship problems.  The results?  Many look outside their partner(s) for sexuality that is fresh and invigorating only to discover that they have brought their old uninteresting sexual self with them.  What they really want is already in their own bedroom, but life’s circumstances keeps them outside the door.

A man who does not get something he thinks about 30% of the time most likely will create some sort of dysfunctional behavior, especially when he is constantly exposed to sex in our digital media age. Sigmund Freud would have been delighted by the possible diagnosis that could come from a post internet age.   So how do you solve lack of sex given life’s conflicts between partners.  Maybe it is the wrong question.  Does life have to be perfect to have a good sex life?  Whose life is perfect?  No one’s life is perfect.  The dream and reality of male sexual enhancement  happens as a result of a sexual discipline and focus that channels a man’s eros into a new level of experience regardless of life’s happenings.

Wow, that was a statement.  What do I mean? It is like an amateur athlete whose desire to play, in spite of life’s challenges (financial or injury), trains and brings energy to perform in his sport.  A man doing something outside the bedroom to train and prepare for the bedroom will have a great sex life with his partner, even when life’s conflicts exist outside the bedroom.  We all know of couples, or heard of couples, who have great sex lives but can’t live together.  This is an example of the extreme side of this statement – couples who know how to perform in bed will have a better sex life than most even though they can’t necessarily live together.  Like many athletes who can’t stand each other outside of their sport, but come together on the field or court for amazing performances.

Taming the beast of sexual desire starts with a man who makes a decision to take on private disciplines to enhance his sexual performance, or by analogy “up his game”.  This channels the frustrating energy into positive actions giving him a better sexual experience.  It has many other benefits as it translates into an vigorous male presence noticed by men and women, may even help with a job promotion, and most importantly will help prevent him from destructive sexual behavior.  Unlike the Puritans of the past who believe that repression of the sex drive leads to a better life (lots of frustrated and/or angry mean men), or the sexual reformist of the past century who unleashed sexual openness without boundaries or discipline (lots of good things here, but more frustrated men as they believe are missing out), the Zen of male sexual enhancement celebrates a man’s sex drive through private disciplines and channels his sex drive into activities outside the bedroom that are good for him and his partner(s) inside the bedroom.

The Zen of Male Sexual Enhancement

So what is the Zen of male sexual enhancement for a better sex life?  Zen is a zone.  Getting into a zone is a daily rhythm of focused activity in private that leads to an improved sex life.  I recently read of a case where a man’s wife considered hiring a call girl for her husband to help develop his performance in bed.  In this case,  it might strike most of us an as not the proper thing to do. However, this would follow the model of what we do in other areas of our lives to learn and improve, for example, piano or ski lessons where it’s better to learn from an instructor than from a spouse. Freud might have liked the prescription, but it’s not for everyone, as it can cross boundaries of jealousy and other comparison pitfalls.  The Zen of male sexual enhancement engages practices that a man and his partner are comfortable with. The practice can be broken down into five parts.  Each of these parts will have a positive impact on a person’s  well being:

  • Lifestyle – Positive Changes
  • Fitness – Weight Lifting
  • Technique – Does Size Matter?
  • Sex Exercises – Kegel
  • Supplements – Zenerect

Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle

Drinking too much?  Still eating like your were sixteen? Are you a couch potato?  Spending your spare time in front of a screen, computer or TV?  Don’t have any fitness or athletic goals?  Then you’re stuck in a rut, both sexually and personally.  So much has been said about the negative impacts of the excess of foods, alcohol, and leisure that it doesn’t bear repeating here.  What can be said is that this type of lifestyle can doom you to bystander status;  a spectator who watches life at a distance.

For others who have that innate spark for personal improvement, it’s a matter of cutting back on calories, alcohol , and increasing your level of physical activity.  But you need a goal.  And if you think about sex a lot, why not set a goal of improving your sex life?  Goals drive lifestyle discipline and discipline gets results.  Find a sport or activity you like and do it.  Eat and drink less and you’ll watch your body transform itself back in time towards a younger and fitter you.

Excessive eating, drinking and inactivity can also be a sign of depression.  This vicious cycle can feed on itself resulting in increased levels of depression and of course, sexual inactivity.   Here’s an age old secret to help break the pattern in healthy people.  Vigorous activity breaks the cycle.  Have you ever seen anyone depressed while performing a vigorous activity.  Depressed?  Try skydiving.  You can be almost certain that it will break the cycle when you leap out of the plan at 3000 feet.  Even thinking about it triggers excitement that feels fresh.  No medication here, just good old fashion adrenaline that makes you feel very alive and in tune with the moment.

Here’s a few easy common sense lifestyle tips that will improve one’s well being and enhance a man’s sex life :

  • Moderate your alcohol consumption as alcohol can limit testosterone production and lower your sex drive.
  • Don’t smoke as cigarettes damage arteries carrying blood to all organs of the body.
  • Reduce your stress levels though exercise and a good night’s rest.  Stress can reduce testosterone production.
  • Exercise because when you are fit, you not only look better, but produce greater levels of sex hormones.  In addition, exercise increases blood flow and your heart’s ability to enjoy a good night of sex.
  • Watch your diet.  Eating right means not only having good energy levels, but good blood flow as well.  Cut down on fatty foods (i.e fast foods) and eat a balance of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates every day.  Any of the popular food guides can help you here.  In addition, find foods that are rich in L-Arginine, such as oatmeal, peanuts, walnuts, garlic and dairy.  A quick Google search will help you out here.

Want a better erectile response?  Exercise, watch your diet, and your performance will be your gift to yourself in the bedroom.  It’s been said that what you do in private will determine who you are in public.  The saying holds true about our private habits (or lack of good habits) that translates into a great time in bed (or lack of a good time).

Weight Lifting:  Building Natural Hormones

Lifting weights two to three times a week up to an hour is a great source for a testosterone boost, up to 40% or more (report by Aeron Life Cycles Clinical Laboratory).  The downside to lifting weights is our perception that we might injure ourselves.  That’s not what is needed here.  Find a program, like “Body for Life,” and lift modest weights.  Build slowly over time as you feel comfortable.  The goal is not to be a body builder, but to have a better sex life, and a few weights, several times a week, will do the trick.  It will help improve circulation, boost testosterone, reduce stress, make you feel better about how you look, increase your strength, help you sleep well at night and heighten your overall energy levels.   Get on it!

Myth Busters:  Size Matters, Well Maybe

If you’re football player, size matters, but in the bedroom, the novelty of size wears off quickly, especially if you’re on the bottom.  It is what you do with your size that counts.  First of all, the average male erection is between 5 to 6 inches and not the 8 inches that is the subject of old wives tales (September 1996 Journal of Urology). So dump the notion that unless you’re hung like a horse you’re no good.   Five to six inches is the starting point and most women are more than happy with that.  What does count is what you do with your assets.

Here’s the rub of the matter.  Your assets are not just the size of your erection.  It what you do before sex, during sex and after sex that tells the real story.  Nobody randomly hops in bed and has sex.  Sex has a context, which usually starts with dinner, a massage, a hot tub, dancing, or shared playful activities (i.e. weight lifting).   Sexual activity is an outcome or response to the context or stimulus.  A man’s erectile size is not the context or stimulus that provides satisfaction for the female partner.  Followed by relaxation, conversation, food, and even a repeat, its the male sexual enhancement that a woman wants.  Get the picture?  Size matters if you’re in a movie, but that’s it.  Use all your assets especially your personality to enhance your male sexuality.

To Kegel or not to Kegel – Exercises for Control

For some men, premature release is an issue.  Lots of anticipation and foreplay can result in a quick release and possible disappointment for both partners.  It’s usually not an issue for older men, who generally speaking have better control, but for the younger men.  The good news is that  you can learn to last longer and have more physical control (Baum and Spiedler,  Management of Premature Ejaculation, Medical Concepts of Human Sexuality, 2001).  It is known as the Kegel exercise.

The Kegel exercise is practice while you are urinating.  The exercise is to stop urinating mid flow by tightening your PC muscles and hold for 5 seconds.  Repeat this several times while urinating and you may suddenly find yourself with better ejaculation control.  Alternatively, the exercise can be done by tightening and release your PC muscles.   Ideally, you want to 20 times twice per day to a maximum of 70 times.  Over a several week period, you may start to notice a difference.

Supplements – Sexual Wellness and Libido Enhancers of Zenerect

Of course, no physical regimen would be complete in the modern age without supplements, and for good reason.  Supplements are the fuel that help ignite change in the body, and this holds true for developing your sex life.

Here’s list of common natural ingredients known in the Asian and Indian cultures  to help with invigorating a man’s sex life:

Each one of these ingredients is found in Zenerect.  The specific benefits of Zenerect are listed on its ingredients information link. Taking Zenerect in combination lifestyle changes such as weight lifting, health romance and Kegel exercise will give you that extra edge to spice up your sex life.

And Now for the Most Important Part – Understanding Female Sexuality

You can’t tame the male sex beast unless you know the basics about female sexuality.   If you don’t comprehend the fundamentals, you’ll be stuck at “first base” for a long time.  So what are the fundamentals?  This is going be so extremely simple, in fact too simple for some men.  However, if you get it, you’re on the path to male sexual enhancement.  Here are the fundamentals:

  • Grooming Matters – Looked at yourself in the mirror lately?  Need a hair cut?  How’s your teeth, white or yellow?  What about your dress?  Do you look like a hobo? Do you smell like one too?  Just as for men, visual appeal is important for women and is often the starting point.  Want to get to first base fast?  Invest in a good hair cut and fix your teeth.  Trim your facial hairs too. Smell good. Go shopping with another women of style and have them help you purchase fashionable casual clothes along with a good cologne.  Do not do it yourself as your sense of fashion, if it’s of the hobo variety, will miss the mark.  Start grooming well and you’ll begin to notice favorable responses.  This advice works for married guys too.
  • Be Nice – Personality counts as it is the path to second base.  Your macho attributes of male superiority and ego, or male drama issues of anger and personal problems will not get you there. Rather, by sincerely being a nice person, and by taking an honest interest in who she is, will lead you there.  Being friendly, approachable, asking lots of questions, making well intentioned comments and praising her will arouse the Venus within her.  If she likes how your look, then the response will flow.  You’ve now created a context in which both enhanced male and female sexuality can happen and you are 80% ahead of most men.  Again, this is even more important if you are married.
  • Slow Touch – The song “Slow Hang” says it all.  If you exemplify the first two characteristics above, then a brief touch or contact at the right moment to the hand, arm, shoulder, or lower back will open the door to tease her inner Venus.  You’re not at third base yet, and you won’t quite get there if you approach it like a game.  There has to be sincerity in your actions and respect for her which she can sense.   At this point you’ve done all you can and it’s up to her to want you.  If you’re married or in a dating relationship, third base will come easily from this point.  If it’s a new relationship, she’ll be guided by either her moral sexual narrative or by her openness to the moment which a drink or two usually helps with.  And if she decides to sleep with you, go slow with the touch.  Tease her slowly with a gentle touch and the rest will come quite naturally.  Some call it foreplay, a mechanical description, but “slow touch” properly describes the “mechanic.”  It fuels her passion and desire for you and will enhance your moment.
  • Afterglow – Now that the desire is released, you’ll destroy the affair for her if you get up and leave with few words.  Linger, talk randomly, offer to bring some food into bed (i.e. fruit or pizza), hydrate, play a game of cards in the nude.  It may lead to a second or even third orgasm!  Leave her with a positive experience, and you’ll both have a home run.

Male sexual enhancement  is about creating an experience for both partners.  What you do for yourself in private to stay healthy, fit and attractive, plus supplements, and how to treat you partner or prospective partner will give you a lifetime of great sex.  And most importantly, it will tame and control  a man’s veracious sexual yearning.