Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng is highly prized throughout the world as a powerful aphrodisiac. This plant is fairly rare in the wild so it is cultivated on farms in Asia. Korean ginseng is so valuable because it takes around seven years of careful tending before it is ready for harvest. Most people use this plant to treat sexual dysfunction and for stamina, energy, and to improve memory. Ginseng also has several other uses in traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Uses of Ginseng

Korean ginseng is also known as red or Panax ginseng and is the most common type of ginseng that is found in commercial preparations. There is also another type of the herb on the market called American ginseng. Both types are similar in color and shape and they require similar climates to grow properly. The uses for these types of ginseng varies, despite the similarities. Panax ginseng is traditionally used for sexual dysfunction and to increase stamina, energy and mental alertness.

Korean ginseng is an adaptogen, which means that the herb is used to reduce the effects of mental and physical stress on the mind and body. The herb is traditionally used in its dried form to make teas and tinctures. Today, there are a wide variety of preparations on the market that include oral supplements, liquid extracts and the dried root of the ginseng plant. The root of Korean ginseng is the part that is most commonly used to make supplements and extracts. Some traditional practitioners also use the leaves of the plant to make specific medicines.

Korean Ginseng for Sexual Dysfunction

Men experiencing erectile dysfunction should definitely consider adding this herb to their health routine. Korean ginseng has been used to treat erectile dysfunction for many generations in traditional Chinese medicine. Ginseng root can also increase sperm count and will help to increase libido when taken internally. The herb has been shown to have a dramatic effect when taken as an aphrodisiac or as a treatment for sexual dysfunction. Ginseng can improve libido in both men and women, but has the added advantage of making it easier for men to obtain and maintain and erection.

Researchers aren’t sure how Korean ginseng works. One theory is that the herb reduces the stress that interferes with the sex drive, making it easier to maintain a high libido. Both supplements taken internally and creams made from the root of Korean ginseng have benefits for your sexual health. Researchers have shown that when applied directly to the penis, Korean ginseng can prolong the duration of an erection. Ginseng is a safe herb when taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions and when taken on a regular basis.

Using Ginseng Products

Korean ginseng is a stimulant that can provide many healthy benefits, including increased mental stamina, improved memory and an elevated libido. Pregnant women should avoid ginseng and men with preexisting medical conditions, such as heart disease, should consult a physician before using any herbal supplement. Ginseng can be taken daily without side effects for most people. Choose a high quality supplement that contains natural Korean ginseng to experience the best results from taking supplements for sexual health. A high quality supplement will provide the results that you need for a healthy sex life and increased endurance, both physically and mentally.

Products with Korean Ginseng

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