The Benefits of Cayenne Extract Supplements

Cayenne peppers can be found throughout the world but at one time could only be found in Central America and South America. Cayenne extract is a natural herb that has many documented health benefits. It is known to help treat pain, improve digestion, and improve blood circulation. Historically cayenne has been used by ancient Indians to heal gas and poor digestion. It has also been used in ancient China as a way to increase blood circulation.

Popularity of Cayenne Extract

Cayenne extract is gaining a lot of popularity in the weight loss industry. Cayenne contains capsaicin which increases the norepinephrine levels in the body which provides increased energy. High levels of norepinephrine in the system has been documented as a way to lose weight as a result of an increased metabolism. Some experts recommend taking cayenne extract supplements 30 minutes before a meal which causes increased fat burning and appetite suppression. Another tip is to take cayenne extract supplements prior to exercising for increased fat burning during a workout routine.

The capsaicin that is contained in cayenne is also known to help fight heart attacks. The capsaicin increases blood circulation and heart activity. In addition to helping cardiac performance it is also known to lower blood pressure. Cayenne extract can also help with energy levels and stamina. It is known to have an invigorating effect on the body systems and causes increased energy.

Other Usages of Cayenne Extract

Some experts suggest using cayenne extract supplements to treat hemorrhaging during an emergency. It is suggested to give the victim one teaspoon of cayenne extract every 15 minutes while waiting for professional medical attention. The cayenne extract stabilizes the victim’s blood pressure and allows rapid clotting to prevent bleeding.

Many people who suffer from ulcers would be pleased to know that cayenne extract supplements can help cure them. It helps rebuild the stomach tissues and it also stimulates an alkali and reduces acid secretion. Cayenne extract is used to successfully treat cluster headaches. The capsaicin that is contained in the cayenne is considered a powerful pain reliever. As a pain reliever it promotes the production of endorphins in the body which in turn blocks pain.

Some important developments in cancer have also been documented in reference to cayenne extract supplements. The capsaicin in cayenne extract supplements have been reported to prevent the growth of human prostate cancer cells in petri dishes and mice. Researchers will soon start human trials to see if this development is successful with patients.

Additional Applications

In addition to the many treatments cayenne is also known to help boost the immune system. It is also considered a carrier herb that boosts the effectiveness of other herbs. Cayenne is also rich in beta carotene and lutein which promotes good eye health. Lutein is also known to help prevent macular degeneration which is a condition that can lead to blurred vision or even blindness.

Although cayenne extract supplements have many benefits and treatments for serious conditions it is always important to consult with a physician prior to any dietary changes.