Jujube Extract Health Benefits

The jujube extract health benefits are well known in China. In fact, the Han Dynasty began feeding this fruit to their young as far back as 2,000 years ago. It was used in traditional Chinese medicine to help maintain good health and introduce a bitter flavor to babies so they could take their medicine later when they got sick. Here are the details.

Health Benefits

1. The health benefits of jujube extract are extensive. It offers a warming effect to the body. Overall health benefits aid the stomach and spleen by balancing the qi. “Qi” is the life force that makes the body circulate the blood. So literally, jujube extracts help with blood circulation. It also aids the body in energy balance because blood circulation can adversely effect the energy that people feel. That is why the Chinese have used this for so many years.
2. It is also known to have a sedative effect on people and can be used to help with sleep issues.
3. Because it does have a sedative effect on people, it can be used to help regulate moods as well.
4. It offers an anti-oxidant effect on the overall health for people.
5. The peels are used as an actual antibiotic for several health problems.
6. It is well known to help with skin problems.
7. It has even been used in foods and juices.

All of these health benefits make it one of the traditional Chinese medicine methods for maintaining good health and introducing the bitter taste that comes with the jujube extract. These health benefits are based on the Institute for Traditional Medicine’s definition of its benefits and uses.

One of the methods of action for jujube extract is that it helps the blood flow in a more efficient manner. This allows the spleen and stomach to work more efficiently. This also sends a better flow of blood to the skin surface. It helps remove toxins and removes the bad stuff from the body. It is not really complicated. It is efficient and easy to introduce this to the diet.

The bitter taste can be easily overcome by adding something sweet to the juice or recipe that includes jujube extract. Young children can take it as babies to get used to the taste. Sometimes these bitter flavors can even become a craving, which helps when it is tied to taking a bitter tasting medicine.

Excessive Use of Jujube Extract

1. Overuse of  jujube extract may cause some stomach distress.
2. It should not be used when any abdominal problems exist.
3. It can cause bowel issues if taken excessively.

Jujube extract increases circulation and can increase bowel production. If individuals have bowel issues to begin with, then jujube extract should not be used as it can cause side effects and eventually dehydration if it is not used correctly. Like any supplement taken for the first time jujube extract should be taken carefully by people who have bowel or stomach issues. Any unusual reactions should be watched and reported to the doctor in order to make sure that the person does not have a detrimental reaction to jujube extract.

Jujube extract can be used for overall health improvement and allows the person to improve their skin condition and energy levels. It helps keep the stomach and bowels efficient and can remove toxins from the body in an effective manner. As long as care is taken, jujube extract can be used in juices and recipes to help the “qi” of the body. For some it can even become an addictive flavor.

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