Bombyx Mori L Extract

The Bombyx Mori L Extract is also known as the Silkworm extract. This is harvested from the larvae of male silkworms. For centuries, the Bombyx Mori L extracts have been utilized as an aphrodisiac supplement in China. This extract has been known to enhance sperm development and increase the production of hormones for men. The silkworm larvae are also known to be a good source of minerals and amino acids.

Learning More About Silkworms

The silk material that we have today is made from cocoons of silkworms. The larvae of the silkworms are also known to have some health benefits. The larvae of the silkworm are known as the Bombyx Mori L. The name Bombyx Mori L means the silkworm of the mulberry tree. Silkworms have also been popularly used in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. In fact, Bombyx Mori L extracts are a known ingredient of several health supplements manufactured today.

Bombyx Mori L in Medicine

Traditionally, Chinese medicinal preparations will consist of several ingredients, which are mostly herbs and plants. However, there are also other seemingly weird ingredients that may be included like powdered centipede, fungi, rhinoceros horns, and silkworms. Dried silkworm larvae are actually used for treating flatulence, spasms, and other known conditions. Extracts from these silkworms are also known to have some health benefits. For instance, the enzymes from the guts of the silkworms are used for treating various health conditions, and the extracts from the male silkworms are known to be aphrodisiacs.

How Is The Bombyx Mori L Extract Prepared?

The moths which emerge from the silkworm cocoons are used to prepare silkworm moth extract. Basically, the male silkworms are separated from the female silkworms as soon as the males emerge from the cocoons. This process is initiated for the purpose of preventing copulation. It has been determined that copulation lowers the effectiveness of the extract as an aphrodisiac. The male silkworms are then dried before they are preserved in alcohol. After this, the extract is prepared. The Bombyx Mori L extracts may be used together with other ingredients like cordyceps and ginseng.

Benefits of Bombyx Mori L Extract

The Bombyx Mori L extract has a lot of benefits. This extract contains unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, protein, cephalin, and other beneficial compounds. Moreover, it has been known to contain male hormones as well. All of these components contribute to the usefulness of the extract in nourishing the reproductive systems as well as the endocrine system in males. Bombyx Mori L extract is also known to boost the sexual drive of men.

The Bombyx Mori L extract has other known health benefits. It can treat conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis as well as fibromyalgia. It can also help retain skin moisture and cure skin lesions. Even problems with the reproductive system are also treated. The Bombyx Mori L extract can treat prostate hyperplasia as well as erectile dysfunction.

Bombyx Mori L Extract and Its Aphrodisiac Effects

For people who may have problems with low sex drive, the use of the Bombyx Mori L extract can definitely help them. The Bombyx Mori L extract is known to have aphrodisiac effects, especially in men. This has been utilized by the Chinese people for centuries for the various health benefits that it provides. While there have been various claims of the effects of the Bombyx Mori L extract on the body, it would still be best to seek medical consultation if you have any doubts and questions about taking this supplement. You may also seek help from a professional and expert Chinese medical practitioner to know more about the properties of the Bombyx Mori L extract.

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