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Male Sexual Enhancement for Life

Male Sexual Enhancement for Life Tips and techniques for a better sex life: A guide for men of all ages. Life can be a series of contrasts.  Young men have raging hormones but no sexual control.  Older men have control and desire, but lack the spark that ignites the fire.  Young men are embarrassed by premature release and aging men by their desire to perform and look like they did at twenty years of age.  Understanding what you can do for male sexual enhancement throughout the different stages of life is one of key ingredients for creating a better sex life. […]

The Zen of Male Sexual Enhancement

Natural Remedies for ED

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

The first question to answer is what is a natural remedy?  Is Viagra a natural remedy?  What about Cialis?  How are natural remedies for erectile dysfunction distinguished from other treatments? Natural remedies, which can be included under the umbrella of alternative medicine or referred to as herbal remedies, are generally prepared from plants for the improvement of health.  Remedies come in many forms, including extracts, supplements, topical applications and teas.  Usually, they are marketed for  specific healing and health purposes including weight loss, anxiety, cleansing, or sexual performance.  Unlike prescription medications that are regulated and go through the rigors of the […]

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Searching “erectile dysfunction treatment options” reveals a wealth of choices hardly imaginable 20 years ago.  The explosion in treatment options has followed the male awakening to the problem and statistics that now say 40 percent of males at age 40 and 70 percent of males at age 70 are affected by erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options So now that men are willing to admit there is a problem, what are the ED treatment options?  The options range from prescription pills, such as Viagra to non prescription pills commonly referred to as natural treatments or supplements  such as horny goat weed.  […]

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Best Male Enhancement for Him

Best Male Enhancement

Why is Zenerect the best male enhancement product on the market today?  Our clients tell us that it’s the all natural ingredients.  Others say it’s the most effective for the price.  Our testimonials tell the story of a product that works quickly without the side effects of prescription medications.  Others say that it just makes them feel great and provides a renewed energy and drive for their sex life. Our approach at Zenerect was to provide a natural cost effective alternative for men looking to add some spice to their sex lives and to those seeking alternatives to the expensive […]

Natural Male Enhancement

Natural male enhancement usually isn’t the common dinner table topic of discussion.  Most men will avoid the topic.   However, a large population of men are looking for ways to improve their sexual performance on a regular basis. Whether you are 21 or 71 years of age, a male enhancement supplement may be able to enhance and improve your sexual performance. There are many choices for natural male enhancement supplements available online and in a local pharmacy.   However, if you want to experience longer lasting erections, increased stamina,  and more powerful orgasms while amplifying your libido, then you should try the all natural male enhancement supplement […]

Natural Male Enhancement to Increased Sex Drive

White willow extract

White Willow Extract

White willow extract is derived from the bark of the white willow tree. White willow is also referred to as European willow and is found in Europe and Asia. The backs of the leaves of this tree are whitish in color, hence the name of white willow. The bark of this tree contains the active ingredient salicin, which is similar to aspirin. History of Use of White Willow Bark The oldest documented pain reliever in history is white willow bark in 400 B.C. However, earlier use can be traced back to ancient Chinese medicine as far back as 500 B.C. […]

Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng is highly prized throughout the world as a powerful aphrodisiac. This plant is fairly rare in the wild so it is cultivated on farms in Asia. Korean ginseng is so valuable because it takes around seven years of careful tending before it is ready for harvest. Most people use this plant to treat sexual dysfunction and for stamina, energy, and to improve memory. Ginseng also has several other uses in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Uses of Ginseng Korean ginseng is also known as red or Panax ginseng and is the most common type of ginseng that is found […]

Korean Ginseng Plant

Horney Goat Weed Plant

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed, formally called epimedium, is a plant that grows in Asia and the Mediterranean. Epimedium has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat sexual dysfunction in both genders and has been used as a treatment for the symptoms of menopause. The herb has also been used in the treatment of fatigue, bronchitis and some infections in the body. If you are considering using horny goat weed as a form of alternative medicine, there are some basics to know before getting started. What to Know Horny goat weed has been used for generations in Chinese medicine. The herb […]